Starting 2 year old Isa


We offer a full array of training programs, from colt starting and tune-ups, to teaching new skills or disciplines.


When starting a horse, Chessie begins with patient and detailed ground work. This creates a connection and a good experience for the horse while strengthening its muscles, teaching transitions of gaits, getting them to work off the hind end and self carriage. She believes relaxation and trust are key factors in the training process. Her style is not to intimidate or force the horse into anything before it is ready. The goal is for the horse to understand mentally what is being asked and to work within its ability toward its full potential. Without relaxation none of this is possible; stress and aggression are counter-productive to the training process. As the horse moves through the training program, it will begin to show quicker responses to cues and correct self-carriage.

Customized Plans

Contact Chessie to discuss your needs. She will be happy to work with you to formulate a custom plan that works for your and your horse. The training program will be adjusted throughout the process based on the needs and ability of each individual horse and owner.