Lessons at Lucky 12 Equine are tailored to each individual rider. From first rides on small ponies for curious kids just discovering a love of horses to advanced riders looking to polish their equitation, we offer these and everything in between. We offer programs for beginners and advanced riders wanting to show or compete in events or just to have fun. The rider will learn fundamental skills for using the body correctly and to work as one with the horse.

Students will learn how to communicate with different horses using their body language during groundwork and when on horseback. It is very important to instill right away that the horse must have respect on the ground. If they cannot achieve this respect on the ground there is no way it will be given under saddle. This is where pairing the student and horse is extremely important. We set our students up for success.  SAFETY is our FIRST priority, for both the horse and rider/handler. Our second priority is FUN! Every student will learn the do's and don'ts of equine activities. We also teach the proper way to read the body language of horses, including how to use body language to communicate and work together.  We teach every student the anatomy of the horse as well as all parts of tack, grooming, handling and training tools. We also teach them how to safely navigate/behave in the barn, around horses. This is vital; we believe you must know how things work to use them correctly under any circumstance.

Individual lessons are $55.  Schedule now!

Contact us for group lesson pricing, lesson packages, and special offers for special riders. 

Safety first: Please make sure all riders are wearing close-toed shoes like sneakers or boots. All riders under 18 are required to wear helmets. We have a selection of different sizes and styles for riders to borrow.

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Beginner Lesson on Baby

Beginner Lesson on Baby