Lesson Agreement

Updated: May 28, 2020

Here at Lucky 12 we want to prepare all riders and handlers for success while under our instruction. This is agreement is to ensure that we all achieve just that!

  • All lessons will average one hour.
  • Always ask which horse to ride if it is not posted or already stated.
  • Everyone will be required to saddle their own horse. In the case of small children who are unable to do so alone someone will help.
  • All horses must be well groomed before each lesson. This means curried and brushed from head to hoof and hooves picked. The appearance of one’s horse reflects on the rider’s care.
  • All tack must be fitted properly to the horse (saddle and bridle). It is the rider’s responsibility to confirm or ask the instructor if they are unsure.
  • If a horse shows any signs of illness or injury, rider/handler will immediately tell the instructor.
  • All horses will be cooled down and put away properly before each student leaves.
  • All tack will be wiped down and cared for after lesson.
  • Students must have boots with at least a 1/2” heel.
  • Students must wear jeans or tight pants while riding and handling horses.
  • All children who are not riding must be under direct control of a responsible adult. The facility is not a playground or a park. For the safety of everyone there is no running or screaming allowed in or around the barn, arena, and pasture areas.
  • No smoking anywhere on the property.
  • We strongly recommend that students bring something to drink during their lesson. We have a covered arena but it is hot here in Georgia during the summer.

Pricing and payment requirements

All lessons are $55.00

All scheduled lessons must be paid for at the beginning of the month. There is no limit on how many lessons each student wants to schedule.

Cancellation policy

We require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice before the scheduled lesson time. There are no refunds for missed lessons, but a make-up date can be arranged.

Chessie may cancel and re-schedule lessons due to severe weather - heavy winds, thunder/lightening, hail, etc. We have a covered arena and generally do not cancel just due to rain. If there is any question about the safety of the rider Chessie will adjust the lesson accordingly.

We appreciate your desire to learn and cannot wait to work with you!